Based on our patented SimVec™ technology we have developed ready-to-use lentivirus and will contract manufacture lentiviral vectors according to your needs.

Ready-to-Use Lentiviral Vectors

Ready-to-use lentiviral vectors carrying different marker genes: High-titer purified lentiviral vectors (1010/ml tittered by qPCR) carrying LacZ or GFP gene packaged in 20 Ál/vial (40 Ál per order) for your convenience to use.

Item NameMarker GeneCat #Price
CR-GFPgreen fluorescences-002$499
Each order contains 2 vials of 20 µl.

Custom designed lentiviral vectors

We will construct lentiviral vectors carrying the gene of your interest. We will produce lentiviral vectors and characterize them for you. Please contact us for details.

Contract Manufacturing

On side state-of-art cGMP compliant clean room facility is available for large-scale production (up to 100 L) of GMP or GLP grade lentiviral vectors for clinical and preclinical studies. We also provide QC tests for clinical grade lentiviral vectors. Consultation for QA issues for IND submission is also available. Please contact us for details.

We can also custom design and produce large-scale of retroviral vectors and HIV based lentiviral vectors. Please contact us for details.