Company Profile

GeneCure Biotechnologies is an emerging biotechnology company focused on using its novel gene transfer technology to develop treatments for life-threatening human diseases, including genetic diseases, infectious diseases, and cancers.

GeneCure has developed a unique technology to effectively deliver genes into human cells, and this technology will be employed to deliver therapeutic genes into humans as treatment and / or prevention. GeneCure's platform technology for gene transfer is based on a primate lentivirus, which has the ability to efficiently transfer genes into primary human cells yet cause no harm in humans-----the major hurdle for current gene therapy protocols.

One of applications for GeneCure's platform technology is to develop novel vaccine approaches for several infectious diseases and cancers. GeneCure's lead product is a therapeutic HIV-1 vaccine for HIV-1 positive patients.

Commercialization Strategy

GeneCure's business strategy is to enter corporate partnership with paharmaceutic companies to commercialize gene-based therapeutics developed based on its proprietary technology. WhileGeneCure will conduct early research and pre-clinical studies, GeneCure's partners will be responsible for conducting large-scale clinical trials, manufacture, marketing and distribution. This strategy allows the company to response quickly to rapid-changing research directions and maintains a modest cost structure.